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Native American Heritage

Making Fire

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Mark Welsh, of Dakota heritage, tells a story he remembers about the origin of fire being at Ohio's Flint Ridge.

Circle of Life

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Shawnee Chief Frank Wilson talks about walking the medicine wheel of life with its four gateways.

The Serpent Path

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Shawnee Chief Frank Wilson describes how Serpent Mound can be associated with a path to spiritual enlightenment.

Turtle Pipe

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Inspired by one of the effigy smoking pipes from Mound City, Delaware (Lenape) storyteller Annette Ketchum tells a story from her tribe about the importance of the turtle.

Native Preservation

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Miami tribal official Julie Olds emphasizes the need to preserve and educate people about earthwork sites: for native people and for all people.

NAGPRA and Respect

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Miami tribal official Julie Olds discusses the still-open questions of which ancient things should be let alone, and which ones shown as part of Native patrimony.

Ten Thousand Mounds

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Hawk Pope describes the fertility and abundance of the Ohio Valley region and how communities thrived here.

World Renewal

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Archaeologist DeeAnne Wymer explains why some Hopewell deposits suggest the traditional ceremonies of world renewal, still celebrated by many Native American tribes.

Coffee Cups and Cakes

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Historian Roger Kennedy tells the story of Worthington hosting Tecumseh and his colleagues for coffee and cakes at the Adena estate.

Ideals of Respect

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Historian Roger Kennedy explains the respect Worthington and his friend Albert Gallatin had for Native Americans.

Logan Elm, Chief Logan

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In 1775, Chief Logan's famous speech was delivered near Circleville, Ohio, encapsulating the tragedy of white-Indian relations in the Ohio country.

Gain many rewarding insights from your visits to the ancient earthworks in OHIO!